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Today, the world faces many problems related to malnutrition, hunger, energy and environmental issues. Million people are suffering from severe malnutrition, 870 million people do not have enough to eat and 98 percent of them live in developing countries. At the same time, there is an escalating worldwide demand for fossil fuels as a result of industrial development and population growth, however world supplies of oil are decreasing. The increasing disparity between demand and supply lead to the world energy crisis. In addition, the lack of responsibility to environment make the  quality. We believe that the strength and future of a nation depends entirely on the quality of human resources. In this case, educational institutions have a vital role in deve...



1. International Conference of Advances in Healthcare and Life Sciences (ICAHL)

  A. Background International Conference of Advances in Healthcare and Life Sciences (ICAHL) is an annual conference held by the Global Research and Development Services (GRDS)....



1. Guest Lecture for Magister Student

Notified to all magister students in Department of Agricultural Product Technology, please attend a guest lecturer that be held on: Day : Friday Date : November 21, 2014 Hou...



1. Internships and Thesis Form

Announced to all students in the Department of Agricultural Product Technology, for the uniformity in the format of a form that is used for student internships and thesis, the students are welcome t...



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